Homeopathic Dental Remedies

The following information is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant as a recommendation for your specific condition. It is best to consult with a health care professional well versed in homeopathy, or minimally, familiarize yourself with the many homeopathic self help books that are on the market.

  • Abscesses and Foreign Bodies
  • Anxiety and Fear
  • Gums and Ulcers
  • Injury and Trauma

Abscesses and Foreign Bodies

Hepar Sulphur (Hep.)

Mouth and Tooth Pain
Hard, Unripe Abscesses

Cold Makes Worse,
Warmth Makes Better

Facial Swelling

Suppressed Pus

Very Sensitive to Touch

Fear of the Dentist

Abscesses and Foreign Bodies

Pyrogenium (Pyrog.)

Flu-like symptoms from Infection

Fever, Restless, Talkative

Inflamed Lymph Nodes

Putrid Taste in Mouth


Offensive Odor from Mouth

Abscesses and Foreign Bodies

Silica (Sil.)

“Difficult Dentition” Teething/Wisdom Tooth Eruption

Draining Pus Pimples That Won’t Dry Up

Cold Makes Worse, Warmth Makes Better

Low Grade Chronic Abscesses That Won’t Heal

Pushes Out Bone Splinters After Extractions

Root Canals That Won’t Heal

Anxiety and Fear

Aconite (Acon.)

Panic From Racing Heartbeat

Fear of Suffocation

Panic Attacks Before or During Dental Visit

Dry Mouth

Frightened Expression

Rapid Pulse

Injury & Trauma

Arnica Montana (Arn.)

Injuries leading to ‘Black & Blue’ marks

Tooth Pain After Filling

Injuries from Sprains & Dislocation of Joints

Aversion to Touch


Known as “The Dentist’s Friend”

Bruised, Sore Feeling

Injury & Trauma

Belladonna (Bell.)

Pain Worse from Sun Exposure

Tooth Pain Extending to Head

Tooth Pain During Eating

Sensitive to Noise

Head Congestion: Redness of Face

Sensitive to Light

Head Sensitive to the Slightest Jar

Injury & Trauma

Chamomilla (Cham.)

Screaming Whining Children


Expressing Hypersensitivity to Pain

“Difficult Dentition”-Teething/Wisdom Tooth Eruption


Face: One Side Hot/Red, Other Side Cold/Pale

Injury & Trauma

Gelsemium (Gels.)

Anticipatory Anxiety

Trembling With Fear

Canceling Appointments On Short Notice


Cold Feet

Trembling Knees

Stammering Speech

Injury & Trauma

Calendula Officinalis (Calen.)

Laceration of Gums from Rubber Dam Clamp

Laceration of Buccal Mucosa or Tongue From High Speed Bur

Post- Extraction Wounds

After Gum Surgery or Deep Cleanings

Subgingival Crown Preps

Salve for Burning Gums

Stammering Speech

Injury & Trauma

Hypericum Perferatum (Hyper.)

Tooth Pain from Nerve Injury

Post Extraction Pain

Tooth Pain from Inflamed tooth nerve

Inadvertent Nerve Injection

Post Operative Gum Pain

Sharp, Radiating Pain

Post Operative Tooth Pain

Injury & Trauma

Ledum Palustre (Led.)

Stiff Jaw Following Dental Injection

Wounds Feel Cold

Warmth & Cold Aggravates

Painful Injection Sites

Rest Makes Better

Motion Aggravates

Injury & Trauma

Nux Vomica (Nux.)

Nausea After Dental Anesthesia

Neuralgic Pains in Teeth

Cold Aggravates

Warmth Makes Better

Tooth Pain After Filling

Motion Aggravates

Mouth Pain After Extraction

Injury & Trauma

Phosphorus (Phos.)

Extroverted, Expressive, Emotionally Oversensitive

Gums Bleed Easily

Excessive Bright Red Bleeding After Extraction

Blood Tinged Saliva

Old Wounds Reopen

Soft scabs on Teeth/Corners of Mouth

Injury & Trauma

Rhus Toxicodendron (Rhus-T.)

Pain & Stiffness of Muscles & Joints

Worse With Beginning Motion

Face Pain: Cold Aggravates

Face Pain: Warmth Ameliorates

Better With Continued Motion

Limited mouth opening

The “Rusty Hinge” Remedy

Injury & Trauma

Ruta Graveolens (Ruta.)

Sore-Bruised Bone Pain

Non-Union Fractures

Deep Achy, Gnawing Pain

All Motion Aggravates

Periosteal Pain

“Follows Arnica Well”

Sprains, Tendonitis

Injury & Trauma

Staphisagria (Staph.)

History of Abuse (Emotional, Physical, Sexual, or Dental)

Tooth Pain From Air Drawn In

Suppressed Anger Comes Out as Trembling, with Pale Face

Tooth Pain From Cold Drinks & From Eating

Pain From Cleanly Incised Wounds

Teeth Sensitive: Cannot Bear Dentistry

Gums & Ulcers

Calcium Carbonate (Calc.)


Fear of Infections

Crusty or Scabby Eruptions on Face/Lips

Cracked Lips

Teeth Sensitive to Air

Suppuration of Gums

Teeth Sensitive to Cold Water

Gums & Ulcers

Carbo Vegetabilis (Carb-V.)

Mentally Dull: Complacent/ Indifferent

Gums Detached From Teeth

Offensive Body Odor

Gums Sore While Chewing

Loose Teeth

Bad Breath

Gums Bleed Easily--Dark, Slow Oozing

Gums & Ulcers

Mercurius Solubilis (Merc.)

Gums Bleed Easily (Weak Capillary Walls)

Sore Gums

Mouth Ulcers on Tongue, Gums or Palate

Excessive Salivation

Loose Teeth

Introverted: Fears Expressing Him/Herself

Trembling Tongue

Gums & Ulcers

Nitricum Acidum (Nit.-Ac.)

Miserable, Gloomy, Pessimistic, Complaining

Red, Crusty, Scabby Eruptions Around the Mouth

Hateful: Unmoved by Apologies

PAINFUL Ulcers of the Tongue

Ulcers at the Lip/Mucosal Border

Trembling Tongue

Gums & Ulcers

Sulphur (Sulph.)

Intellectual & Philosophical Types

Apathy About Personal Appearance

Egotistical: Critical of Others

Ulcerative Stomatitis


Offensive Mouth Odors

Gum Infections with pus and Fetid Odor

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