At the Center for Integrative Dentistry we combine the most up to date practices of twenty-first century dentistry with carefully selected modalities of complementary healthcare, and individualize these according to your needs.

Our approach is to create an environment that is peaceful, safe, and a comfort to the senses. We offer drinking water that is triple filtered and rebalanced with minerals, and you can activate a therapeutic massage and heat feature as part of the dental chair.  Our music is a combination of classic jazz, classical, and an assortment of other genres carefully chosen for their effects on our atmosphere.  Our office is set up so that when you are here you will rarely see another patient when our time is scheduled with you.

Our overriding aim is to treat each patient as the unique individual that they are and with this as our guiding principle, we customize our treatments combining the best of modern dentistry and complementary therapies. We have found that this approach is highly effective for all of our patients and is particularly helpful for people with complex dental problems, complex chronic health issues or a combination of both. This is Integrative Dentistry. Welcome!