Patient Guidelines for Mercury Detoxification in Concert with Amalgam Removal

These are general guidelines that can be followed by most patients who are planning amalgam removal. If you are seeing a health care practitioner that monitors mercury levels and/or your body’s detoxification levels, then you should follow the individualized regimen developed for you by that person. It is best to begin to follow these guidelines one to two weeks prior to your first amalgam removal visit. This will give your body time to acclimate to the new detoxification pathways opening up and the new nutrients coming in.

  1. You must sweat every day, preferably at the same time every day. Best would be from some kind of exercise-where you feel that your pores have opened and that you have broken a sweat for a minimum of 15 minutes. Also acceptable would be passive sweating from sitting in a Sauna. The key though is to feel that your pores have opened up and stayed open for 15 minutes.
  2. Eat foods that help to bind or clear heavy metals. These include onions, garlic, eggs, Brazil nuts, and Cilantro (Chinese parsley) used fresh.
  3. Take nutritional supplements to strengthen your immune system and to help bind mercury.

The following dosages are rough guidelines and may need to be individualized:

  • Vitamin C–500-1000mg per day
  • Vitamin E 500 IU of d (not dl) alpha tocopherol per day
  • Zinc–50mg per day
  • Selenium–100ug (micrograms) per day
  • Chlorella capsules–one or two per day, then one half-hour prior to each removal visit take four additional capsules.