In 1997 I developed the recipe for a toothpaste called “Revitin,” a natural toothpaste that went against the standard ‘oral detergent’ model. I had a partner in that venture and because we did not see eye to eye on many things, I walked away from that company in 2014.   Despite the issues with my partner, I had hoped that after my departure he would continue make that product up to the standards that I had worked so hard to develop.  Unfortunately, the version now being sold is a shadow of what it used to be and so, I no longer recommend it.  Many of my patients have asked, “What am I supposed to use now Dr Shuch?”

I had to wait for my original June 1997 patent to expire before I could develop something new.  So, in the summer of 2017, I started a new formulation.  Science has changed a lot since 1997 and I wanted to incorporate all of what I have learned over these past 20 years.  For example, the concept of ‘oil pulling’ to remove toxins from the gums has come into acceptance, but the technique takes 20 minutes of swishing with oil. There are some toothpastes that contain oil, but they don’t contain enough or they use chemical ingredients to keep the oil from separating. I developed a way to incorporate sufficient organic coconut oil to accomplish the benefits of oil pulling with just two minutes of brushing and all without chemical stabilizers. I also learned of some key percentages of vitamins that are particularly helpful for the ecosystem of the mouth and these turn out to be at higher concentrations than what we knew twenty years ago. Also, as these are costly ingredients, when they are put into toothpastes they tend to be at low concentrations. Lastly, every toothpaste on the market—standard, natural, and even my old product contains the abrasive “silica.” It is a mineral much harder than enamel or dentin and its regular use scratches teeth and can lead to abraded and sensitive root surfaces.  My new toothpaste safely scrubs teeth clean with powdered calcium and without any silica at all.

After a year and a half in development, testing and more testing, my new toothpaste, “Dr Shuch’s Remarkable Toothpaste” debuted in December 2018 with a small batch of 300 tubes that were only available to my current patients.  It was so popular, we sold out in a week! My manufacturer is making a commercial sized batch and it will be available for wide sale beginning in February 2019.  Initial distribution will be limited to in-office sales and through Amazon.com.  It contains just eight carefully chosen food-grade ingredients (calcium carbonate, organic glycerin, organic coconut oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, co-enzyme Q-10, cold pressed citrus oil, and organic stevia).  It contains no detergents that can irritate sensitive tissues.  Its lack of any silica means that it can’t scratch teeth or root surfaces, and because it is edible, all natural and fluoride-free it is completely safe and particularly good for anyone who has difficulty spitting out, such as young children, those with the neurological disorders associated with Parkinson’s Disease or dementia, and  those on the autistic spectrum.  And…. because I made it to be eaten, I made it taste sooo good!  KIDS LOVE IT! And I believe it to be the best tasting toothpaste ever to be put on the market anywhere. I recommend putting it on a dry brush, then brush and eat!  The vitamins are good for you!  The tag-line on the tube reads, “It’s Yummy and It Does Great Stuff!”  

Dr Shuch’s Remarkable Toothpaste” is the healthiest toothpaste on the market and it will help you to have the cleanest, healthiest mouth possible.

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